Robertson Low

Integrow Consulting was founded on three basic principles. Integrity, Collaboration and Trust. For founder John Mulcahy it was paramount the brand identity should echo these principles both in tone and appearance.

We created a unique triquetra, a modern take on a historic mark. Each dynamic blade representing one of the founding principles, creating a protective shield in the centre.

Modern, custom typography and vibrant duotone colour scheme counter-acts the mark to bed the identity very much in the present.


When I joined the team at Radical in October 2015, I was asked to perform a review of the agency from a visual standpoint. What I saw was a vibrant, young agency with a brand that just didn’t convey or reflect this. After a few short months, I was entrusted with the responsibility to rebrand the agency. An opportunity I grabbed with both hands.

I really wanted to push the brand, create something unexpected. Focusing on the I as a line, the thing that draws and creates. I felt the brand needed to exist off the screen, in the real world as strongly as it exits in digital, so I commissioned a light-box that we dragged around Dublin city to photograph, generating localised, brand imagery and establishing the brand as a living, breathing entity.

Lifestyle Sports

As part of Radical, we were challenged by Lifestyle Sports to produce a national campaign in conjunction with Adidas for their Originals range. I composited composition mock ups, contributed to casting, art directing the shoot, as well as creating a range of in-store, point of sale assets.

FundInsure Brand Mark


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