Art Direction


When I joined the team at Radical in October 2015, I was asked to perform a review of the agency from a visual standpoint. What I saw was a vibrant, young agency with a brand that just didn’t convey or reflect this. After a few short months, I was entrusted with the responsibility to rebrand the agency. An opportunity I grabbed with both hands.

I really wanted to push the brand, create something unexpected. I felt it needed to of the so I commissioned a light-box that we dragged around Dublin city to photograph, generating localised brand imagery and establishing the brand as a living, breathing entity.

Lifestyle Sports

As part of Radical, we were challenged by Lifestyle Sports to produce a national campaign in conjunction with Adidas for their Originals range. I composited composition mock ups, contributed to casting, art directing the shoot, as well as creating a range of in-store, point of sale assets.


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